• Dr.S.Jayaselvi has attended a webinar on “Critical Thinking for Student Innovators organised” on 22.12.2021 by Entrepreneurship Development Cell, SCAD College of Engineering & Technology, Cheranmadevi.
  • Dr.R.Dhaneesh and Mrs.V.S.Iswarya attended a webinar on “Cost Audit” on 12.01.2022 organised by CII.
  • Dr.Dhaneesh and Mrs.V.S.Iswarya attended a webinar on “My Story Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur” on 27.01.2022, organised by CII.
  • Dr.R.Dhaneesh Dr.S.Sivakami and Mrs.V.S.Iswarya attended a webinar on “Youth Empowerment to Societal Empowerment” on 27.01.2022, organised by CII.
  • Dr.S.Jayaselvi and Ms.S.M.Saranya attended a webinar on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity” on 27.01.2022, organised by IIC, ACET.
  • Dr.R.Dhaneesh and Dr.S.Sivakamii attended a webinar on “CEO Talk” on 18.03.2022 organised by Mr.Santhosh Muruganatham.
  • Dr.R.Dhaneesh Dr.S.Jayaselvi, Dr.S.Sivakami and Mrs.V.S.Iswarya attended a workshop on “Design Thinking, Critical Thinking & Innovation Design” on 31.01.2022 organised by CII.
  • Ms.S.M.Saranya attended a workshop on “Process of Innovation Development & Technology Readiness Level (TRL)” &” Commercializing of Lab Technologies & Tech-Transfer" on 25.02.2022, organised by IIC, ACET.
  • Dr.S.Jayaselvi attended a Workshop on “Entrepreneurship Skill, Attitude and Behaviour Development” on 24.02.2022 organised by IIC, ACET.
  • Dr.S.Jayaselvi attended a Workshop on “Overview of Securities Market & Career Growth” on 26.02.2022 organised by SCAD College of Engineering & Technology, Tirunelveli.
  • Dr.S.Jayaselvi and Dr.R.Dhaneesh attended a Workshop on What, Why, and How of Patents” on 15.03.2022 organised by LatikaKhanduja.
  • Dr.S.Jayaselvi, Ms Ms.S.M.Saranya, and Dr.R.Dhaneesh attended a workshop on “Starting your business” on 09.03.2022 organised by EDC, IIC, ACET.
  • Dr.S.Jayaselvi attended a Workshop on “IPR Awareness” on 18.03.2022 organised by NSKD Techno Research &Innovation Solution, Andhra Pradesh.
  • Dr.S.Sivakami attended on Online FDP on “Leadership and Governance in Academic Institutes” organised by Shri Vishwakarma Skill University between 21.02.2022 to 25.02.2022
  • Dr.S.Jayaselvi has attended a Panel discussion on “Academic Start-ups Eco Sys” on 12.12.2021 organised by ATAL Incubation Centre, Rathinam Tech zone Campus in Coimbatore.
Ekalavya Management Club

Ekalavya Club - A self-learning club for management students created with a view to improve personal skills, enhance creative thinking, and develop managerial skills, thereby to groom the student’s calibre.

Management Clubs plays a vital role in supporting, offering professional guidance and enhancing every aspect of experience and exposure for students thriving pursuit. Club activities help to augment their academic scores as well as their social life.

  • Expert Lecture / Video Conferencing
  • Management Games
  • Group Discussion/ Debate
  • Brain Storming Activities
  • Quiz/ Role Play
  • Industrial Visit
  • Workshops/ Conferences/ Seminars
  • Competition
  • Management Fest
  • HR Club
  • Marketing Club
  • Finance Club
  • Entrepreneurs Club
  • Economics Club
  • Operations Club
1 INAUGURATION OF EKALAVYA CLUB Inauguration Of Ekalavya Club (Management Clubs) Oct 6, 2018
2 EXPERT LECTURE HR Practices in Insurance Companies’. Aug 9, 2018
Opportunities for HR Managers’ Oct 6, 2018
3 EKALAVYA CLUB ACTIVITIES “Digital Marketing - How it useful for Managers and other Professionals Feb 8, 2019
Business Quiz Oct 13, 2018
Discussion: (Continuous Hike In Fuel Prices In India) Oct 24, 2018
Team work and trust worthy games Oct 27, 2018
Colour Your Thought’ – Creative Thinking Nov 03, 2018
Debate Nov 7, 2018
Stress Relief Game Nov 14, 2018
Demonstration - Marketing For New Product Nov 21, 2018
Corporate Expectations & Etiquettes Nov 18, 2021
Mind Mastry through NLP Jan 03, 2022
4 WORKSHOP - YASHASVI’ 19 National Level Digital Marketing Workshop Mar11, 2019
5 WORKSHOP–PROJECT MANAGEMENT Project Planning And Management using Microsoft Project 2017 - Workshop Apr 5, 2019