Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Centre aims the promotion of multidisciplinary research and development activities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its related domains, such as machine learning, data analytics, natural language processing, etc. The primary areas of interest are Research, Teaching, Industry projects, and Entrepreneurship.

Objectives :
  • To conduct research across the themes of Health Care, Image Analysis and Computer Vision, Defence, Robotics and Autonomous Systems.
  • To create patents as forms of intellectual property (IP) and top-notch technical publications.
  • To promote sponsored AI-related research and consulting.
  • To share knowledge among faculty members and students through training programs.
  • To train students to demonstrate technical proficiency by utilizing knowledge of current AI advancements to offer creative and useful solutions.
Deliverables :
  • Trained and skilled professionals who meet the industrial demands of the Engineering, Healthcare, Financial, and R&D industries.
  • Frameworks and proof of concept examples for numerous Banking and Finance use cases using cutting-edge AI/ML technology.
  • Model building in the fields of Image & Video Analytics, Speech Synthesis & Recognition, and Natural Language Processing.
  • Innovations that significantly impact both Industry and Society.
Facilities :
  • Dedicated lab for AI and Machine Learning with high-end systems supporting AI and ML-based tools and technologies such as Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Flask, Django, OpenCV, etc.
Research areas :
  • Computer Vision
  • Machine Learning and Applications
  • Deep Learning and Applications
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Recommender Systems
  • Computational Social Science
  • Robotics
Head of the Centre

Dr. Siva Raja P M,

Associate Professor & Head,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering.

Faculty Members

Mrs.V.Thanammal Indu, Asst.Prof./CSE

TNEA Counselling Code : 4972