In this course student teachers to acquire requisite teaching skills. Modern practicum approaches are adopted in the Amrita College of Education and place every student teacher in a classroom situation under the supervision of a qualified teacher in all classes.

Further, the concept of Internship was introduced in the two-year B.Ed. course during the second year of study for 16 weeks is a quite challenging one for all the teacher students. The practice teaching plans are developed in partnership cooperatively involving the school staff and Teacher Educator. The practicing schools are selected on the basis of the proximity of the student teachers’ residence to the school. The ratio of student teachers to be identified with practice teaching is 5:1.The teaching practice lasts for 80 working days. 20 schools are chosen for practice. The total number of lessons practiced are thirty. Six lessons are observed by the Teacher Educators at regular intervals and our Teacher Educators verify whether the students rectify the correction given in the previous observation. All the thirty lessons are observed by the mentor teachers. Feedbacks are collected from mentor teachers and heads of institutions by the teacher educators. The feed backs are obtained regarding the performance, and behaviour of the student teachers. Necessary instructions are given to the student teachers based on the feedbacks received. During the practice teaching, student teachers first conduct a diagnostic test to assess the level of the students. The student teachers observe five lessons of the mentor teachers. Then 25 lessons are taken by the student teachers under the supervision of mentor teachers of the school. During internship they are expected to act as regular teachers and involve themselves in the activities of the school. (Organizing assembly, monitoring noon meals, supervision of children during morning and evening study etc.,). A case study is to be done on a student and necessary suggestions are to be given and the case is to be keenly followed. To find his / her improvement with the approval of guide teacher, the parents may be called for and with necessary consultations and interaction; suggestions may be offered for the development of the ward once the lessons are completed, a blue print is made and an achievement test is conducted. This assesses the efficiency of the student teachers. The Teacher Educators ensure that the question paper is based on the blue print. The attendance certificate is provided by the head of the institution along with the mark list issued by the guide teachers and the performance of the student teachers are submitted to the Principal. The mentor teachers are in constant touch with the heads of institutions and consultations are held at regular intervals. The club activities of the college are also being promoted in the respective schools where they go for internship. Awareness on eye donation and blood donation is being created through the community based activities. Environmental protection is emphasized by the subject club. The RRC activities are also carried out. The same information is maintained by the student teachers in the student profiles for their as well as their parent’s reference. Mentors monitor the achievement of the student teachers and acknowledge them.

Feedback mechanism:

Feedback is received through feedback forms which are filled by the guide teachers, the heads of the schools, teacher educators and peers. An informal feedback is also received through the heads of the schools. The student teachers teaching is observed by the teacher educators and the guide teachers and they provide feedback to the student teachers in the following format.

Monitoring mechanism of Lesson plan:

The teacher trainees are expected to write at least 10 lesson plans under the guidance of the teacher educators prior to intensive teaching practice. During the intensive teaching practice, the rest of the 15 lesson plans are corrected and checked by the guide teachers and teacher educators. The guide teachers guide the student teacher to prepare the appropriate teaching aids and evaluating the same promptly.