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Sl. No. Name of News Paper Department
1 Defence Science Journal Basic Engineering
2 Current science Basic Engineering
3 Resonance- Journal of Science Education Basic Engineering
4 Journal of Structural Engineering Civil Engineering
5 Journal of Construction & Management Civil Engineering
6 Indian Concrete Journal Civil Engineering
7 Journal of Manufacturing Engineering MECH
8 TERI Information Digest on Energy Environment MECH
9 Energy Future MECH
10 Indian Journal of Engineering & Material Sciences MECH (SW)
11 ISRM Journal (Journal of Indian National Group of ISRM) MECH (SW)
12 Indian Foundry Journal MECH (SW)
13 IEEMA Journal EEE
14 Power Engineer Journal EEE
15 AARO Journal EEE
16 Journal of Computer Science Computer Engineering
17 Journal on Information Technology Computer Engineering
18 Journal of Telecommunication Computer Engineering
19 Physics for you Basic Engineering
20 Chemistry Today Basic Engineering
21 Mathematics Today Basic Engineering
22 Science Reporter Basic Engineering