Career Development - Amrita Polytechnic College

Vision: To support students, plan and prepare for life long career achievement.


  • To Strengthen the overall Institution-Industry relationship
  • To facilitate academic departments to collaborate with industries and leading academic institutions through signing MoUs for progress in the areas of mutual interest
  • To enhance quality of education delivery through industry academia interaction
  • To conduct Career Assessment and Guidance Sessions
  • To conduct internship and placement activities
  • To provide Higher Education Counseling and support


  • Grooming the students on both hard skills (technical knowledge) and soft skills to meet the corporate recruitment process and expectations and stay one step ahead.
  • Developing course content in such manner which give the exposure to the students in the areas which are required by industries for students learning enrichment
  • Collaborating with industry for students minor and major Projects and Industrial visits, new project proposal writing, joint R&D activities and ethical aspects of industry workplace


  • Students will choose career path suitable for them based on how their own skills match with the chosen career path.
  • Students will learn to prepare their career building documents such as resume, self-assessment report, cover letter, letter of acknowledgement, etc. to apply for jobs, internships and higher education.
  • Students will learn about the job market and job opportunities in their intended career path.
  • Gradual Increase in every student participation in more industrial training, internship, value added training, soft skill training, etc. to bridge the gap between the student skill and the chosen career path for gradual carer building.
  • Students will learn about the premier higher educational institutions and their entry requirements in the country and the globe as well.
  • Students will learn online self-assessment of hard and soft skill necessary for chosen career path and use online learning tools to fill the gap.
  • Students will acquire skills to take competitive examinations conducted by industry and higher educational institutions.