Basic Engineering

The Basic Engineering Department comprises of disciplines such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English.

The department takes care of imparting thorough knowledge of the basic principles and application aspects of physics, chemistry and mathematics in various engineering branches. This will help first year diploma engineering students to understand and apply the concepts of engineering during their second- and third-year course of study.

The students seeking admission to the diploma courses do not have the required proficiency in English. Courses on English and Communication Techniques, both theory and practical, are offered by the Basic Engineering Department to help the students to attain English proficiency.

Drawing is the language of engineers. It is the only media of expressing thoughts and imaginations for giving them the practical shape. For developing the capability to communicate engineering ideas using pictorial representations using certain universal conventions, courses on Engineering Graphics is offered for all the branches of diploma.

Every student of diploma course is expected to have the knowledge in basic shops like fitting, plumbing, carpentry, welding and sheet metal. It is expected that students should be able to carry out minor installation work / repair work of domestic appliances independently. A workshop practice course is offered to develop such skills for all the branches of diploma.