Art is the passion of man to express the reactions of his nature to the world he lives in. Art gives us a chance to find ourselves according to our thoughts and uniqueness. Art treats our insights into building a connection with our creative thoughts and Mother Nature. Art makes us feel noble.

Crafty Art Club is open for all students interested in arts. You can work on drawing, painting and sometimes ceramics. Crafty Art Club is a great place to express the talents of pupils. By hosting Crafty art club students can feel free to try and craft from their dreams. Students have unique ideas and great mind's eye. They need the space to work through their artistic expression on their peculiar standings.


  • To explore the thoughts and meanings through the work of artists and stylists.
  • To provide pictorial, physical and sensual experiences in a special way of understanding and responding to the world.
  • To facilitate students to record from first-hand experience and imagination then select their own concepts to practice in their work.
  • To develop creativity and imagination through a series of complex events..
  • To develop increasing confidence in the use of visual and physical elements and materials.
  • To cherish an enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts and knowledge of artists, crafts people and designers.