When we study in college, striving to become a professional - this is education for a living. On the other hand, education for life requires understanding the essential principles of spirituality. This means gaining a deeper understanding of the world, our minds, our emotions, and ourselves. We all know that the real goal of education is not to create people who can understand only the language of machines. The main purpose of education should be to impart a culture of the heart - a culture based on spiritual values.


The Placement committee has been constituted with the following composition for a period of two years.

1 Dr. T. Kannan Academic Director Chairman
2 Dr. R. Sampath Kumar Principal (I/C) Member
3 Dr. V. Viswanath Senoi HOD/CSE Member
4 Dr. S. V. Maheshkumar HOD/ECE Member
5 Dr. M. S. Sivakama Sundari HOD/EEE Member
6 Dr. R. Dhaneesh HOD/Management Studies Member
7 Mr. S. Suresh HOD/Civil Member
8 Mr. R. Dhanasekaran Placement Officer Member Secretary