Mr. V. Ramanathan
Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


Yoga and Health club of Amrita College of Engineering and Technology, is started for the benefit of Staff and Student's to learn Yoga and do simple exercises on a day to day basis.

  • To create awareness among the students about importance of exercise and health.
  • To enhance the concentration and activities of student community.
  • To provide a common platform for student members to learn about traditional Yoga practice.
  • To encourage and motivate the outside Class room activities.
Who can join?

All Students and Faculty members of ACET.

  • Organize Programmes, Special Lectures, Workshops and Seminars related to Yoga for the benefit of students.
  • Providing a common platform for student members and staff members to learn about traditional Yoga practice.
  • Encouraging team spirit and self-reliance among student members and staff members.
  • Reducing the stress and anger and improving the work force.
Office Bearers
Sl. No Name Position
1 Mr. V. Ramanathan Faculty Coordinator
2 Mr. M. Shanmuga Krishnan Chairman
3 Mr. P. Karthick Vice- Chairman
4 Mr. H. B. Amal Secretary
5 Mr. Sanjay Thilak Joint Secretary
6 Mr. A. S. Jaggan Member
7 Mr. R. Akashraj Member
8 Mr.M.Maheshwaran Member


Mrs. Sarika A. S
Chairperson, Electrowynk Club
Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Contact No. 8489480448

Electrowynk Club

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities to design, build and operate the assets to meet the agreed outputs. This will prepare students to realize compelling ideas for project, work in a team to successfully demonstrate the concept, and turn them to successful product. It gives an opportunity to the students for interacting and working with highly trained experts, operate advanced electronic devices and then transforming ideas into products. In addition to this, many webinars and workshops will be conducted to empower the student community towards the advanced electronic design world.

  • Introduce the students to the latest technological advancements in electronics design.
  • Expert talk on recent trends in electronics.
  • Organise activities to turn ideas into products.
  • We bring the Electronics Engineering students out of their syllabus-bound shells and expose them to the world of Applied Electronics.
Who can join?

Second to Final year of B.E. ECE and B.E. EEE Students


  • Hands-On Training
  • Project Expo
  • Tech Talk
  • Circuit debugging competition
  • Seminars and Workshops
Office Bearers
Sl. No Name Email-id Position
1 Ms. Sarika A S Faculty Chairperson
2 Dr. Allan J Wilson Staff Co-ordinator
3 Dr. M. Tamil Alagan Staff Co-ordinator
4 Ms. M. R. Nanthini
IV Year B.E. ECE President
5 Ms. R. P. Sivasakthi
IV Year B.E. EEE Vice-President