Mentoring/Academic Counselling - Amrita College of Education

Amrita College of Education has adopted and implemented a Mentoring system as a student support measure. Mentoring system is an initiative of IQAC team. Our students are grouped under 10 groups and each group is guided by one faculty. Every second Saturday of the month Mentor Mentee meet and discuss their personal and academic issues. These activities and Mentee educational achievement details were entered in Mentor Handbook by the Mentor in a comprehensive manner. Every course instructor collect and make use of the input  from the mentors and arrange for Remedial actions, if necessary.


  • Enhancing student’s confidence through better teacher-student contact.
  • Enhancing student’s academic performance.
  • Providing Career Guidance.
  • Ensuring comfort learning


  • The students are divided into groups such that each group consists of up to 5 student teachers/ mentees from a class. Each group is given freedom to select a teacher- mentor who would perform mentoring duties.
  • Mentor – mentee meeting is scheduled every week. Mentors to meet their mentees either individually, if required, or in groups.
  • Mentors and Mentees submit feedback immediately after the counselling process is over in the prescribed online format
  • If a student is identified as a disadvantaged learner, Remedial learning engagement for the particular student is engaged with the support of the class instructor and mentor.