Attendance and Examinations | Amrita College of Education

The fitness of the pupil is shown in his love for the acquisition of knowledge, his willingness to receive instruction, his reverence for learned and virtuous men, his attendance upon the teacher, and his execution of orders.

- Dayananda Saraswati


  • Each student should fulfill the attendance requirement both for Theory and Practical courses for the academic year as per the regulations of the Tamilnadu Teachers Education University (TNTEU.)
  • Students should have a minimum 85% attendance (i.e., 170 days out of 200 working days) to be able to appear for the B.Ed. degree examination conducted by the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University.
  • The B.Ed. students can avail the remaining 10% on 200 Working days (viz) 20 days leave on medical grounds in an academic year after getting condonation of attendance, adhering to the norms of Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University.
  • Students who want to avail leave should submit their leave application form in the prescribed format duly filled to the class in charge. In case, the absence is due to unforeseen cause, the leave application form should be submitted on the first day of the student's return to the college. In case of leave on medical grounds, he/she should produce a Medical Certificate along with leave application form to the class in charge. Hostellers must submit their leave application forms countersigned by the warden.


  • The college is following annual system of examination with provisions for continuous internal assessment for 20% of the marks.
  • Minimum marks for passing a course in the Written Examinations conducted by the University is 50% in aggregate with a minimum of 45% in the external examination.
  • Unsuccessful candidates will be permitted to reappear for the written examinations within the next three consecutive academic years.
  • Provision for re-totaling/revaluation of answer scripts is available and the candidates can apply for revaluation / re-totaling or to obtain photocopy of the valued answer scripts to the Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University within 10 days after the publication of results by paying necessary fees prescribed by the University.
  • Practical Examinations Assessment: Tamil Nadu Teachers Education University will conduct practical examination after the successful completion of 16 weeks of school internship in the second year. Practical examination shall be normally conducted three months prior to the commencement of written examination. A panel consisting of two external members (one Convener, one member) appointed by the University will examine the teaching competency of each candidate as per the norms.
Activity No. Assessment of Teaching Competency Marks
1. Teaching Competency Level I 50
2. Teaching Competency Level II 50
  Total 100


Activity No.

Assessment of Teaching Competency


1. Observation Record Level I 5
2. Demonstration  Record Level I 5
3. Lesson Plan Record Level I (30 lesson plans) 20
4. Instructional Materials Record Level I 10
5. Test and Measurement Record Level I 10
6. Observation Record Level II 5
7. Demonstration  Record Level II 5
8. Lesson Plan Record Level II (30 lesson plans) 20
9. Instructional Materials Record Level II 10
10. Test and Measurement Record Level II 10
11. Teaching Skills (mini - teaching) Practice Record 10
12. Visit to Innovative Schools Health Practices 5
13. Students Portfolios / CCE Record 10
14. Reflective Journal – Diary 5
15. Environmental Education Record 10
16. Community Based Engagement/ Skill Development Record 10
  Total 150
  Grand Total(100 + 150) 250

  Practical Components in the First Year 4 -Week Internship

1 Lesson Plan Writing and Achievement Test Construction 2 weeks
2 Teaching Skills Practice (Mini-teaching) 1 week
3 Visit to Innovative Schools 1 week
  Total 4 weeks

Practical Components in the Second Year 16 -Week Internship

1 Observation of Regular Class Teacher in Regular Classroom 1 week
2 Intensive Teaching Practice (Teaching 30 lessons, lesson plan Preparation, preparation of teaching-learning materials, conducting test & measurement, knowing the self / psychological tests, conduct of school assembly, organization of PTA meeting, conducting case study).   15 week
  Total 16 weeks


A candidate shall be awarded the B.Ed. degree if he/she has passed both theory examination and the practical components. Successful candidates will be assigned a grade based on his/her combined performance (marks secured) in the final Theory and Practical Examinations separately. and the continuous assessment.


Sl No. Percentage of Marks Classification/Grade
1   75 and above  First Class with Distinction
2   Above 60 and upto 74  First Class
3   Above 50 and upto 59  Second Class


Sl No. Percentage of Marks Classification/Grade
1   75 and above  First Class with Distinction
2   Above 60 and upto 74  First Class
3   Above 50 and upto 59  Second Class