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For Ex: If your name is "Kannan" and your father name is Senthil Kumar, please type "S" as the Last Name
(Enter 10 digits only-Change of Mobile Number is not permitted)
(Enter 69.95% as 69.95 only as 70%.- Do not round it off)
Mention with Branch. Example: BE (CSE) or BSC(Physics)
If the marks is in CGPA, convert it into percentage as per the corresponding University norms. If there is no University norms for converting CGPA into percentage then Percentage = (CGPA Received / Total CGPA) x 100
Do not round it off. 59.99% is 59.99 only not 60%.
For diploma course which you had gone through
Do not round it off
Physics, Maths and Chemistry
The training modules will be planned based on the category that you choose. If you are interested in Higher studies only, you will be engaged in GATE Training and you will not be eligible for campus Placement