Campus Rules and Regulations


College Working Time: 9:10 AM to 4:50 PM.

College Bus: All College buses will leave the campus at 5:00 PM. Two special buses form College to Nagercoil bus stand via (i) Putheri and (ii) Parvathipuram will leave the campus at 6:00 PM for the use of students attending Special Classes and/or Placement Training.


Monday to Friday (except notified holidays) will be working days for all the Students and Staff of the College. Alternate Saturdays (2nd and 4th Saturdays in a month) are also working days. In case of changes, the same will be notified in the academic calendar available under download section in home page.


  • Students seeking admission to Amrita College of Engineering and Technology (ACET), Nagercoil as well as existing students should give an undertaking countersigned by their parents, promising to abide by the guidelines of discipline. Some of the guidelines are as under:
  • Within and outside the premises of the college, all the students should conduct themselves in a manner befitting the great tradition of the college.
  • All students admitted will be required to pay the prescribed tuition fee and other specified fees before the prescribed duration. Failure of the same will result in the cancellation of admission. No portion of fees will be refunded under any circumstances. If any student wishes to discontinue the course at any time for any reason, he/she shall not be permitted to do so unless he/she pays the balance amount of fees for the current year of study. His/her Transfer Certificate and Conduct Certificates will be issued only after all the dues stated above are cleared by the student.
  • The students should not indulge in any kind of activities which are likely to bring down the prestige and traditional image of the College.
  • The students should show due respect and courtesy to the teachers, administrators, officers, employees and others associated with the college and maintain cordial relationships with fellow students.
  • Ragging of junior / fellow students, Lack of Courtesy to others, Indecent behaviour within and outside the college, wilful damage and thieving of college property and of fellow students, unruly behaviour causing disturbance to fellow students, hacking in other's computers and cyber related crimes, malpractices in examination, plagiarism, and any other acts which damages Institutions image shall constitute gross violation of the code of conduct and liable for invoking disciplinary measures.
  • Students are advised to wear prescribed college uniform and should display their ID Cards all the time in the campus.
  • Students are advised to attend all the classes regularly from the start of the academic.
  • No student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the class is over.
  • No student is permitted to roam in the campus during class/Lab work.
  • No student should be present in the canteen during the class work.
  • Students are expected to spend their free time in the Library/Reading Room.
  • Smoking, use of alcohol, use of hallucinogenic drugs and narcotics and other drugs like Gutka strictly prohibited in the campus including hostel premises.
  • Students coming by two wheelers should compulsorily wear helmets and possess a valid driving license. Students should park their vehicles in parking area only keeping the convenience of others also in mind.
  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and is considered a serious offence as per the order of the Honourable Supreme Court of India.
  • Malpractices committed in Examinations by the students, shall be viewed seriously and attract various penalties which include fines, loss of examination, expulsion from the college etc. All cases of examination malpractices detected by the staff / squad shall be referred to the Malpractices Enquiry Committee for taking suitable action / punishment and the award of punishment will be binding on the students.
  • Students should not involve in any activities which may affect national security of our country.
  • Sexual misconduct by any student will be viewed very seriously and they are punishable under law
  • The student shall always observe the health & safety precautions as may be prescribed/ notifies/ displayed in the campus.
  • On receipt of complaint from any of the student or public, the same will be first examined by a disciplinary committee constituted by the college and tentative decision will be taken based on the report of the committee, thereafter the matter will be placed before the Head of the Institution for appropriate decision. This will be done after giving opportunity to the accused for explaining his position. Commensurate with the gravity of the offence, the punishment includes reprimand, fine, expulsion from the hostel / college, debarment from examination, suspension from the college and handing over the case to the law enforcing authorities of the Government.
  • Students are prohibited organizing any meetings or entertainment programmes or collection of money for any purpose within the college or outside the college without the permission of the Principal.
  • Criticizing or abusing the girl students in foul language is strictly prohibited in the campus. If such cases are identified, action will be taken.
  • Organizing birthday functions within the campus is strictly prohibited.
  • The conduct of the students should be exemplary not only within the premises of the college but also outside. This will help in maintaining the image and status of the college.

For general enquiries, send email to:


Usage of cell phones with cameras is strictly prohibited in the campus as per the rules and regulations of the competent authorities. Students using the cell phones during regular class hours (including sending SMS) will be suspended for one week. Such cell phones, if found used during the academic sessions, will be confiscated. Confiscated cell phones will be returned after an enquiry conducted during the semester holidays. Do not bring mobile phones in the campus. It shall be entirely at the student’s risk and responsibility

During Module Tests/ Internal Assessment Tests/Practical Tests/University Examinations, students must surrender their cell phones to the invigilators. Cell phones found in person during examinations shall be confiscated and possession of cell phone shall be treated as malpractice in the Test/ Examination.


College ID Card will be provided to each student with his/her Name, Photo, Address and Blood group printed on it after receiving application in the prescribed format. All the students should wear their ID Cards while they are in the campus, in the bus and attending events outside the campus.


If damaged: Fill in the application for replacement of ID card; get it forwarded by HOD and Class Advisor and submit the form to Stores along with a fee of Rs.30/- for replacement. Duplicate ID Card will be issued after receiving the application in the prescribed format

Change of Address: If there is any change in the address or contact number, Parents should come in person, report to the respective Class Advisor and submit the application for replacement of ID card along with a fee of Rs. 30/-.

Misconduct: In case of violation of dress code or making disturbance in the class/lab, ID card will be taken from the student by the staff concerned and will be informed to the parents. The ID card will be handed over to the student after a brief enquiry by the HoD concerned. In case of any misbehaviour or violation of the college rules, causing damage to the Institution property, ID card(s) of the student(s) will be taken from the student by the staff on the spot and will be handed over with the Disciplinary committee members. ID card will be handed over to the student after a detailed enquiry by the Disciplinary Committee and its recommendations.


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