"Covid-19 Remote Teaching & Learning"

COVID-19: Remote Teaching, Learning, Assessment and Evaluation Guidelines for Faculty and Students of Amrita Institutions, Nagercoil

At Amrita Institutions, Nagercoil, Remote teaching and learning specific to COVID-19 is practiced currently to ensure continuity in teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation.  100% remote teaching learning work is in practice at Amrita Institutions since 21 March 2020. This was practiced by all in the campus during regular working days. 


All teachers of Amrita College of Engineering and Technology, Amrita Polytechnic College and Amrita College of Education are requested to ensure delivering their lecture as per the regular time table published (visit https://amrita.edu.in/node/443, https://amrita.edu.in/node/444 and https://amrita.edu.in/node/445.)

Pre-class Work

Before starting brief live session for 10 minutes using Moodle server (http://moodle.amrita.edu.in/login/index.php), every teacher should ensure posting the following in the respective Google Classroom (https://classroom.google.com – Login with Gmail ID).

1) Topics for discussion

2) Instructional objectives

3) Instructional outcomes

4) Lecture Notes uploading (Use of permalink from Moodle course page recommended)

5) Questions require higher order, middle order and lower order thinking by students to answer short questions and paragraph questions along with grades assigned in the google form      in the Lecture Notes Material under Classwork in Google Classroom

6) Quiz and quiz assignments relevant to the topics covered with key to ensure instant grading

Live session requirements

Login to http://moodle.amrita.edu.in/login/index.php and use respective course page in the college Moodle Server. Live session can be conducted using Moodle resources and the following sharing is to be done between teacher and students

1) Teachers video

2) Audio between students and teachers

3) Screen sharing when PowerPoint slides, software demonstrations, etc. are made by teachers

Post session requirements

1) On receipt of class assignments, teachers need to set rubrics which can be reused for all assignments for the purpose of grading assignments. Once graded using rubrics, ensure to      return assignments to students.

2) Send work from home report to amritangl.gclassroom@gmail.com along with list of students absent for the class.

Note to Parents and Students

Amrita is not responsible for providing necessary electronic devices and bandwidth for students. All are advised to use laptop or mobile currently available and subscribe for the work from home data plan from internet service providers. Currently JIO provides unlimited data for 100+ days costing Rs 251/-

Collaboration Tools Used

The following tools are currently used at Amrita Institutions, Nagercoil for COVI-19 remote learning:

Moodle, Google Classroom, BigBlueButton, etc.


Moodle Course Page: aces@amrita.edu.in

Google Classroom: campusdirector@amrita.edu.in

Virtual Meeting/Live Class Sessions: hodcse_acet@amrita.edu.in

Course Layout: hodece_acet@amrita.edu.in

Faculty Work From Home Attendance: adminoffice@amrita.edu.in