Amma's Message

*Om Amriteswaryai Namaha!*

All of us here at Amrita are deeply concerned about your well being in the midst of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. We are keenly hoping and fervently praying that you all are safe by AMMA's Grace.

Our beloved Founder, AMMA, is remembering each one of you every day. AMMA has given a reassuring personal message to each one of you. We are attaching AMMA's audio message (which is in Malayalam) and also its English translation below.

Please listen to the audio message, 


Darling Children, Be courageous, don’t lose courage.  This courage is the true antivirus for destroying this virus (Corona Virus). In Santana Dharma, courage is considered to be the Dhairya Lakshmi (Goddess of Courage). If you have courage, you can overcome any situation. The nature of life is such that the next breath is not in our hands. Living in the present moment with discrimination and awareness determines our true existence and longevity. Hence without losing your mental strength, you should all pray for world peace, peace of mind for all those who are living, and peace of all departed souls. If you are staying outside of India, facing any difficulty and if you are feeling like coming back to India, please inform us the total number of people who would like to come back, after enquiry and discussion with the Indian government/embassy. We will also try to explore any possible options. Without losing your mental strength, all my children should follow the precautionary measures stated by the Government. Keep your rooms clean, be calm and don’t be afraid.  

My dear children, fear should never overpower us, be brave. It is said that in our path, both darkness and light are determined by ourselves. Thinking of all my children, Amma feels sad. We need to come out of this situation.  At this moment, everyone is sitting inside their rooms as though we are being held at gunpoint. We should develop the alertness like a soldier at the battlefront.  Three years back, AMMA felt that some crisis will happen in 2020. Therefore, AMMA started the white flower meditation. AMMA is not saying that this will eliminate the crisis, however practice of this meditation will improve the situation. Amma has earlier narrated the following story. When the ground floor of a 10-story building catches fire and the people living in the top floor are called for help, how will it sound if they replied that the fire is your problem, not ours. In fact, the fire will actually be spreading upwards.  In a similar way, others’ problems will become our problems.  This is what AMMA has said earlier.  Therefore, keeping this in mind we should become alert.    

The  meditation  for  world  peace  (white  flower  meditation)  that  AMMA  created  back  then AMMA has been  making  everyone  do  it.  These  positive  vibrations  willcertainly  pervade.  The current  virus  is  also  spreading  in  form  of negative  vibrations.  May our  sincere  prayers  and meditation  for  world  peace  traverse  in  the  form  of  positive  vibrations  and  destroy  the negative  vibrations. Human effort  does  have  its  limi tations.  How much  ever  carefully  we  may  drive,  if  the opposite  vehicle  carelessly  hits  our  vehicle,  we  could  get  into  an  accident.  We  only  have  the right  to  put  forth  the  effort. 

To  accomplish  everything,  we  need  Grace. For  that  Grace,  all my children  shou ld  pray.  May my children  be  bestowed  with  strength  and  peace. *Amma’s  Kisses.  Don’t  be  sad,  Children.  Kisses.*