Industrial Visit - Amrita Polytechnic College


Visit to Mafiree- Miru IT Park, Vallankumaranvilai, Nagercoil: 01th August 2019

Students from Computer Engineering Department visited Mafiree (Miru IT Park) at Vallankumaranvilai on 01th August 2019. The CEO / Founder of Mafiree, Pradeep Chandru and Senior Database Administrator, Jerwin Roy J presented about Remote Database support & Consulting services offered by the company

Visit to TNSTC, Ranithottam. Nagercoil (08 & 09 Aug 2019)

The Second and Third-year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering students and members of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering visited Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation, Ranithottam, Nagercoil in two batches separately on 08 August and 09 August 2019. Foremen of the Transport Maintenance Section demonstrated the students about use of vehicle repair maintenance equipment and its operation

Aquani Water Plant (RO), Erachakulam - Reverse Osmosis plant (R.O): 16 August 2019

First-year students of Amrita Polytechnic College visited Aquani Water Plant (RO), Erachakulam, a Reverse Osmosis Plant on 16-08-2019. Faculty members of Basic Engineering accompanied the students. This visit helped the students to understand about Industrial Reverse Osmosis process. They learnt the process of removing contaminants from water through a semipermeable membrane. They also learnt how the contaminants are filtered out and to discharge clean drinking water. The Director of the company guided the students. ​

Visit to Water Treatment Plant, Krishnancoil and Mukkadal Dam, Boothapandi, 20 Aug 2019

Second and Third-year Diploma in Civil Engineering students visited Krishnancoil Water Treatment Plant on 20 August 2019. Students were demonstrated functioning of water purification processes such as screening, aeration, coagulation, sedimentation, filtration and chlorination. After the visit, students were taken to Mukkadal Dam near Boothapandi to understand the water intake process for water purification.