Faculty Development Programme on "TEACHING TECHNIQUES," 2nd may & 3rd May 2019 in association with ICT Academy, Chennai”

Faculty Development Programme on "TEACHING TECHNIQUES," 2nd may & 3rd May 2019 in association with ICT Academy, Chennai

Considering the importance of shaping teachers to perform their service more effectively, Amrita is organising a two-day training programme on ‘Teaching Techniques’ for members of faculty working in Engineering Colleges in our region. The programme is scheduled from 2nd May 2019 to 3rd May 2019.

This training programme is conducted in partnership with the ICT Academy of Tamilnadu which is working with the primary objective of training of teachers and students in the areas of Faculty Development, Student Skill Development, Entrepreneurship Development, Youth Empowerment, Industry-Institute Interaction, Digital Empowerment and Research & Publications.

Course Overview –  WHY TEACH TEACHING NOW?

It is possible to learn how to teach well. We want to help teachers get started toward effective, efficient teaching and by exposing them to a variety of theories and methods, we want to open the door for their growth as educators.

Teaching is a complex human activity, by becoming more efficient, professors can learn to do a good job and end up with more time to do other things such as research. This program by ICT Academy will focus on making the faculties friendly and open to students and deliver the concepts in a way the students will need the subjects be taught to them.


Any Faculty who wants to improve their level of teaching.


To make faculties move from Chalk & Board method to an Edu-trainer in the class.


The contents of this course are designed to support the course objectives and is given below:

Module 1: Communication Skills: Basics of communication - Classroom Communication - Power of Non-Verbal Communication in Classroom - Using Communication to advantage

Module 2: Presentation Skills: Basics - Setting Objective - Working with Microsoft PowerPoint - Alternatives to PowerPoint

Module 3: Personality Development: Understanding Student - Maslow’s Theory - Ice Berg Theory - 4Mat System

Module 4: Creative Thinking: Need for Instructional Innovation - Alternate Teaching Methodology - Alternate Learning Styles - NLP in Classroom


Click to Register: http://www.ictacademy.in/pages/Upfdp.aspx

Registrations are open for ICT Academy Member institutions on first-come, first-serve basis. We request you to nominate 1 or 2 faculty members from your institution.

Programme Details:

Program Date: 02 & 03 May 2019
Timings: 09:00 AM - 04:00 PM
Training Fee: Free
Venue : Amrita College of Engineering and Technology, Nagercoil​

For More Information, Contact:

Dr A.S.Ramkumar
Professor & Head of Mechanical Engineering
Amrita College of Engineering & Technology