Engineering Career Awareness Programmes (ECAP) – For School Students

"A college degree is not a sign that one is a finished product but an indication a person is prepared for life."

The primary objective of the ECAP is to motivate and support the school students during the transition from high school to college. ECAP staff regularly conduct professional and well-structured informational workshops at schools on demand and educate school students about the opportunities in the field of Engineering to take right career decisions after their schooling. This helps the school students to know in detail about the current opportunities.

ECAP's One week on campus “skill training and college experience programme” such as workshops, seminars and hands on training on latest and futuristic technologies help school students to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

ECAP Students are paired with a faculty mentor to guide the school students throughout the college experience programme. Mentors help students understand the challenges of college life and help them develop strong study habits, introduce them to student organizations and other social opportunities on campus.

ECAP's value-based training emphasizes on building value system among students which ends with a visit to a cultural heritage destination.

The following activities are conducted during the Academic Year 2018-19 and 2019-20 to ease the transition difficulties.

  • Faculty Expert Team visit to Schools on invitation to address the students studying 10th class and up to 12th class.
  • Annual School Projects Competition with Prize worth Rs 50,000 every year
  • Annual Amrita Quiz Competitions (Preliminary, Zonal and Final) with Prize worth Rs 50,000 every year
  • Computer Coding Support to enhance students computational thinking for better career planning. The college extends virtual lab facilities to school students to work from their home.
  • Regular one- and two-days training programmes on the following topics:
           (a) Basic Electronics
           (b) Internet of Things
           (c) Software Hackathon with Games
           (d) Yoga and Meditation Programme for School Students and Teachers.

For organizing ECAP for school students at School or via online for free, Please Contact:

Mr Ashwin. R