Examination Management Cell

Examination Management Cell (EMC) of Amrita College of Engineering and Technology has been set up for the smooth conduct of Internal and University Examinations such as University End Semester Examinations (Theory and Practical), Internal Assessment Tests (Theory), Class Tests and Practical Tests every semester. In addition, EMC arrange to upload Internal Assessment Marks and Attendance as per the University Schedule.

Examination Cell is administered by:

a) Principal as Officer-in-Charge

b) Two Examination Coordinators (Examination Management Cell Officers) selected from senior faculty members.

c) Two Assistant Examination Co-rdinators (Assistant Examination Management Cell Officers).


a) Keep all the communications with affiliating University and submit necessary documents required by the University authority.

b) Circulation of Examination related information received from the Controller of Examinations, Registrar and Student Affair Section of the University to all concerned.

c) Conduct the University Examination (Theory and Practical) such as End Semester Examinations as notified by the Anna University.

d) Facilitating uploading of Internal Assessment Test marks and Students attendance to the University.

e) Students Examination Hall ticket issue.

f) Collection and distribution of the consolidated University Examination Results and distributing the same to Departments

g) Collection of student’s grade sheets, provisional certificates, degree certificates from the University and issuing the same to the respective students.

h) Forwarding the students’ examination/certificate related grievances to the University.

i) Deputing eligible members of faculty for central valuation work

j) Conducting graduation day every year


Name and Contact
Details of Staff


 1) Principal



  • Providing all the required facilities including sparing of the premises and the staff for conducting End Semester Examinations as directed by the University.​
  • Chief Superintendent of Examinations.
  • Issue of attendance certificates to Hall Superintendents and Examiners.
  • Planning and distribution of remuneration to Hall Superintendents and Examiners as per the University rules.

 2) Mr. J. Nagarajan

 Examination Management Officer - 1


  • Assisting the Hon. Chairman during his presence in the Campus.
  • All University related Communications including affiliation work.
  • All AICTE related work including uploading details for EOA.
  • Maintenance of Examination Management Cell Notice/Circular file (Past 3 Years).
  • Preparation, getting approval and circulation/uploading of all Examination Management Cell notices and circulars in the Institution website.
  • Preparation of Result Analysis of Module Tests, IATs and University Examinations and making arrangements to include the same as one of the Agenda items during the immediate Principal meeting with HoDs.
  • Planning and uploading student’s attendance and Internal Marks Entry in the University Portal.
  • Planning and sending request letters to the Principals of neighbouring colleges for deputing members of faculty to work as external hall superintendents. Issue of individual letters of appointment orders of the external hall superintendents to the respective Principals along with a copy of consolidated list.
  • Circulation of COE communications to HoDs, Staff and students through e-Notice Boards.
  • Posting announcements and sending circulars related to payment of Examination fee by the students
  • Planning and conducting Graduation Day every year.
  • Coordination with Examination Management Officer – 2 in conducting University Examinations.
  • Revaluation Procedures.
  • Registration for University Exams.
  • Preparation and sending the list of eligible members of faculty for central valuation work to the zonal office on request and making arrangements to relieve all the examiners appointed by the University for central valuation.

 2) Mr. U. Ananth

 Examination Management Officer - 2



  • Preparation of seating arrangements for Module Tests, IATs, Model Exam and University Exams as per the University seating norms.
  • Coordinating with the Chief Superintendent and conduct of Examinations (Theory and Practical) as per the University rules.
  • Communicating with the AUR and Hall Superintendents to ensure their presence and management of reserve hall superintendents.
  • Preparation and circulation of Daily invigilation Chart in time as per the University rules.
  • Preparation and issue of Attendance Certificate and Remuneration to the Hall Superintendents and External Examiners.
  • Sending attendance report of Module Tests, IATs and Model Exams to the Principal
  • Making arrangements for printing personal logbooks (Theory and Practical).
  • Collection of Lesson Plan, MSM, Question Bank from staff and forwarding the same for uploading in the respective web pages.
  • Reporting all malpractice cases to the Principal and University as per the University rules.
  • Supporting EMO-1 in planning and conducting Graduation Day every year.

 3) Ms. J. E. Manju Bolin

 Examination Management Officer - 3



  • Grade Sheet Distribution to the office of the HoDs – for regular students (both current and backlogs).
  • Grade Sheet Distribution to passed-out students.
  • Issue and collection of No Dues Certificates from Regular Students.
  • Issue of Course completion certificates to the passing out students
  • Maintenance of TC Records and Issue of Transfer Certificates on request.
  • Maintenance of Conduct Records and Issue of Conduct Certificates on request.
  • Issue of Duplicate Hall Tickets after verification of student details and payment receipt for a duplicate certificate.
  • Sending information to the old students, who have arrears, about the details of payment of examination fee and commencement of University examinations and sending exam timetable.
  • Printing and issue of hall tickets to the passed-out students
  • Issue of provisional and degree certificates and maintaining records.
  • Verification of passed out student details as per request from Industries.
  • Supporting EMO-1 in planning and conducting Graduation Day every year.

 4) Ms. S. Anlin Babi

 Examination Management Officer - 4


  • Preparation of Test Schedule and sending it for Uploading – Module Tests, IATs, Model Examination, Laboratory Test
  • Collection of Personal Logbook as per the schedule from staff and returning the same after reviewing by the Principal
  • Collection of Monthly Self Appraisal Form from staff and submitting the same to the HR on the last working day of every month.
  • Downloading hall tickets from COE Web Portal, taking a printout, verification of the particulars in the Hall Ticket, getting Principal Signature, distribution of Hall Tickets through the office of the Principal to students at least two days before the commencement of examinations to the candidates after obtaining his/her signature in the appropriate place.
  • Maintaining University Answer Booklet Stock and its Management.
  • Supporting EMO-1 in Preparation of Result Analysis of Module tests, IATs and University Examinations.
  • Supporting EMO-1 in planning and conducting Graduation Day every year.