HIV AIDS Awareness

WORLD AIDS DAY 2021-2022 




Our Science Club of Amrita college of Education has organized the special programin order to celebrate World Aids Day on 01-12-2021.The program has been inaugurated by our principal Dr.M. Krishna Kumar. A special speech was given by our student teacher selvi. T. K. Radha on the topic of “WorldAIDS Day”. She delivered more information onthe struggles of the AIDS affected victims and the society. It was really an amazing performance of the day. On account of adding knowledge on AIDS a “quiz” competition was conducted by TNTEU and all the student teacherswere actively participated. This was the highlighting part of the program.  

Mrs.S. Kayathri, Science Club Coordinator, Amrita College of Education gave a fabulous presentation on the topic “AIDS and HIV Awareness”, with the help of the power point.She reallyinjected lots and lots of information about AIDS. She explained some concepts like“whatis HIV and AIDS, itssymptoms, how to prevent AIDS, how the people treat those victims and role of teachers to make aware our society etc. Finally there is an interaction session with audience and cleared their misconceptions. 

  The program ends with the feedback given by our principal Dr.M. Krishna Kumar. The participants who were attended the program they got more knowledge and awareness on the incurable deadly infection widely known as AIDS.