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Mentor- Mentee activity is one of the hallmarks of Amrita College of Education. This activity was carried out in the name of Tutor – Ward System. All the mentees were divided into 8 groups based on the number of students i.e. strength of the class. Each group consists of 3-4 student teachers/ mentee. They meet (at least twice during each semester)and discuss student’s academic performance, Co- curricular aspects and personal problems. All the students were provided a  mentoring hand book and the details like personal information, Educational details, academic achievements, Co- curricular aspects, Current achievement scores, psychological aspects and mentors remarks of their meeting were recorded. 


  1. If a student is identified to be weak in a particular subject, it is the prime duty of the mentor to inform the course instructor for remedial classes. 

  1. Interaction with parents in each semester. 

  1. Establishing cordial relationship with the parents. 

  1. The mentor makes follow up of the mentees lagging with attendance, lower academic achievement.