Awareness on Health & Cancer



The Rotaract Club of Sun College of Education conducted an awareness programme on 24-04-2019 on the topic “Health and Cancer Awareness”.  The programme began with the prayer song by Ms.Athira V. U &  group followed by the welcome address of Ms. J. Abirami, Board of Director, I year student teacher. Dr. Anne Babian Roy, Dietician, Holy Cross Hospital, Nagercoil and Rtn. S. SenthilKumar,M.Sc., Ph.D, MD, Director, Shriram Cancer Trust were the resource persons. Dr. S. KrishnaPriya, Principal, delivered the presidential address. Dr. Anne Babian Roy talked on the topic “Food is Medicine”.  She gave a lot of information regarding food habits and diet control.  Rtn. S. SenthilKumar, M.Sc., Ph.D, MD gave a  class on the topic “Cancer Awareness”. He gave a detailed description about how to prevent cancer. The programme was highly useful for women. The programme came to an end by vote of thanks proposed by M.U.Revathy, (President, Rotaract Club) I year student teacher.