Amrita College of Education has well equipped laboratories for Physical science, Biological science, Psychology, Language and Mathematics. Student teachers are allowing to practicing the scientific activities and experiments in the Laboratories weekly twice.  Teacher educators makes it a point to prepare the student teachers to explore the science laboratory. The student teachers are given experience to handle and maintain the laboratory, utilize the laboratory resources in teaching and learning. 

Science Lab 

The laboratory has preserved biological specimens, charts, models of human brain, heart, lungs, digestive system, experimental apparatus, herbarium, microscopic slides etc. The lab is also added with experimental apparatus, measuring instruments, chemicals for experimental analysis, periodic charts, working models etc. 



Computer Lab 

Technology has changed the way student’s learn and teacher’s teach. 

Amrita College of Education has a high-tech computer lab with internet connection. Computer skills are inevitable and mandatory for 21st century teachers. The student teachers are given opportunities for powerpoint presentations. As part of the B.Ed syllabus the student teachers have a Course on Enhancing Professional Capacities(EPC) in Critical understanding of ICT, thus the students are given training in computer skills.   

Computer skills 

The student teachers are trained with basic computer skills like MS Word, power point presentations, browsing e-resources and sending e-mails. Students find it easier to refer to the internet than searching for information from books. The institution provides an effective e-learning platform through MOODLE. Moodle is Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment, is adopted in the institution. This Learning Management System (LMS) allows better cooperation among learners and educators. Both teachers and students benefit from the use of computer technology. 

Psychology Lab: 


Psychology is the science of behaviour. Amrita institutions, Sun College of Education has a Psychology lab equipped with tools, experiments and other resources for the teaching of educational psychology. 

The B.Ed syllabus of Tamil Nadu teachers Education University emphasizes on learning theories and perception in psychology. Psychology can be a fascinating subject for student teachers if teacher educators can connect theory into practice. 


  • Journals like Edutrack, Journal of Community Guidance and Research, Psycholingua provides further information about the research works on psychological aspects, recent trends in psychological researches. 

  • Experiments on Pavlov’s classical conditioning, trial and error learning, tachistoscope, concept learning, Muller Lyer’s illusion, finger dexterity boards. 

  • The laboratory also has tools to measure intelligence, Personality , Educational interest record, creativity, memory, etc. 

Math Lab