Hostel - Personal Property

  1. You are advised to take enough measures to protect your personal belongings since the authorities cannot hold the responsibility of protecting personal property of the students. 

  1. The college will not be held liable, directly or indirectly, for loss of your personal property due to theft, damage by fire or water, or any other cause. Please consider purchasing appropriate equipment so that your personal belongings are well protected. 

  1. Theft can and does occur in hostels. Protect your valuables by keeping your room locked. You are advised in your own interest not to keep money and other valuables in the open. Money, ATM cards, bank passbooks, etc. may be safely deposited in lockers available with the wardens. 

  1. Mark your personal property with engraving pens or markers so that you can permanently identify them. 

  1. Students should bring their own locks for their rooms. 

  1. Wardens may ask students to shift their belongings for maintenance work or during an emergency. A cloak room type facility for safe custody of students’ belongings at owner’s risk may be arranged during such times. 

  1. The use of equipment such as electric heaters, video systems, electrical chargers, personal computers, iron boxes, etc. is prohibited in hostel rooms. 

  1. Laptops can, however, be used in the hostels. A request form available with the Principal should be filled out and countersigned by the parents to seek permission to use laptop in the hostels. 

  1. Use of mobile phones is totally banned on the college campus. However, restricted use of mobile phones is permitted in the hostel during designated hours.