Value Education

True Education takes place only when it goes hand in hand with spiritual knowledge. Otherwise, education will be reduced to a mere collecting of information. In today’s world, anyone can gather information; everything is available on the Internet. But such education will not transform you. It only nourishes the body, not the being. Education without spiritual values only serves to create big, small and medium-sized machines. Education with spiritual values transforms youth into highly capable and intelligent forces of goodness, compassion and service.

Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

An appraisal of the present education system reveals that the programmes are focused on learning of technologies, production systems and management techniques targeted at the generation and accumulation of more and more physical facilities, not giving due importance to the happiness of the individual and the harmony in family, society and nature.

Mere academic knowledge without deep rooting in human values will only give rise to personalities who may become rich in material possessions but will remain poor in self-understanding, peace & social concern.

Engineering institutions were set up to generate well-trained manpower in engineering with a feeling of responsibility towards oneself, one’s family, and society. The incoming undergraduate students are driven by their parents and society to join engineering without understanding their interests and talents. As a result, most students fail to link up with the goals of their institution.

The graduating student must have values as a human being, and knowledge and meta-skills related to his/her profession as an engineer and as a citizen. Most students who get demotivated to study engineering or their branch, also lose interest in learning.

Our beloved founder Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Amma says there are two types of education: (i) education for living and (ii) education for life. Studying to become a professional is education for a living, while education for life requires an understanding of the essential human values.

At Amrita, we believe that education should also impart a culture of the heart, based on enduring values and inner strength. Amrita’s culture of education helps to inculcate in our students the right ethos to be rooted in the values of Dharma (righteousness), Karuna (compassion) and Shraddha (mindfulness). Endowed with qualities of acceptance, patience, self-confidence, perseverance and enthusiasm, the benefit of humanity will become uppermost in the students’ thoughts, words and actions. They will then pioneer innovative solutions for the benefit of all humankind, leading to sustainable health and prosperity for all. This resonates with the ancient Sanskrit prayer ‘Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu’. It is a reminder of our deeper connection to the entire world around us, “May our work contribute to the happiness of all beings.”

Amrita College of Engineering and Technology is conducting a two-week Induction Programme for the newly joined students to make them feel comfortable, to sensitize them towards exploring their academic interests and activities, reducing competition and making them work for excellence, promote bonding within them, build relations between teachers and students, give a broader view of life, and building of character. The entire programme is organised and conducted by the faculty mentors to teach human values. The faculty mentors are trained by AICTE through its 5-day Introductory and Refresher UHV FDP online.