Name of the Event

Work shop on Teaching learning materials


Seminar Halll, SCE

Resource Person

Dr.Aruna Sankara Velayudham


Teaching Learning Materials preparation



Target Participants

Student teachers, Teacher Educators

Brief content

Teaching learning materials (TLMs), also known as instructional aids, facilitate a teacher in achieving the learning objectives formulated by her/him prior to teaching-learning activities start. Teaching learning materials (TLMs) are, therefore, tools, which are used by teachers to help learners to learn concept with ease and efficiency. TLMs also help in bringing novelty and freshness in classroom teaching as it relieves learners from anxiety, fear and boredom.

This workshop mainly focuses on the preparation of various teaching learning materials, flash cards, cut outs, models, chart writing, flip cards, booklets etc .Student teachers prepared low or no cost TLMs from locally available resources as per the guidance given by the resource person. Involving students in this venture paved the way to experiential learning.

Expected learning outcomes Student teachers will

  • explain the importance of TLM in enhancing students’ learning
  • classify the TLM on basis of their characteristics
  • distinguish the use of different TLM in different contexts
  • prepare low cost TLM using locally available materials
  • involve students in designing and development of TLM
  • explore the web for finding teaching learning materials.

Few Teaching Aids prepared by the student teachers