Natyasudha Club, Amrita College of Engineering and Technology, is organizing ‘Feet on Fire- Dance Contest’ for all the UG and PG students through virtual mode.

India is known for its rich cultural legacy. Performing art forms such as classical dances are an integral part of its culture. These highly expressive and vibrant drama-dance forms set to the beats of an accompanying music are not just a treat to the eyes. They carry a message, usually drawn from a story in the epics, for example. This footloose competition is aimed not only showcasing the performing artistry of our students, but also at continuing a tradition that is fading from the eyes of the youth.
All the students at Amrita College of Engineering and Technology can participate in the competition. Registration is mandatory for participation. The link for registration is:
All the participants will be provided with a participation certificate and the best performer will be provided with the “Amrita Best Dancer Award 2021 Certificate.”
Rules and regulations
1)    This event is open to all UG and PG students at Amrita College of Engineering and Technology.
2)    Online registration is mandatory. The last date for registration is 23 May 2021, 5:00 PM
3)    The performance should be classical and semi classical based, and the time limit is 8 to10 minutes.
4)    Traditional practice costume is expected.
5)    The participants should submit their performance in video format in the link provided after registration on or before 26 May 2021, 4:00 PM.
6)    Submission of one entry is allotted for each participant.
7)    Edited videos will not be accepted (Continuous 8-10 min performance video must be sent).
8)    Any violation of the rules & regulations shall cause the cancellation of the candidature from the competition.
9)    The decision of the jury will be final.
10)  Results will be announced on the Institution Day.
How to register?
The link for registration is
Student Coordinators:
1)  Mr. Kishore I, First Year BE (Computer Science and Engineering)
2)  Ms. Anuja A. J, Third Year BE (Computer Science and Engineering)
Event Coordinators:
1.  Ms. P. Devi Sree, AP, Dept. of Science & Humanities (
2.  Dr. T. Sri Devi Kumari, AP, Dept. of Science & Humanities (