Explore Your Future – Amrita College of Engineering and Technology

Exposing the engineering and management students to future careers helps them identify and follow through on an education path that leads to a desired career and encourages them to strive academically. The college has set-up a project team to provide opportunity to every student to learn under a method called project-based learning (PBL) method. While learning through PBL method, students are active, not passive; a project engages their hearts-and-minds and provides real-world relevance for learning. After completing a project, students understand content more deeply, remember what they learn, and retain it longer than is often the case with traditional instruction method. Under the current circumstances of assessment like open book exams, it is felt essential to engage all the students under PBL.

Under PBL, every undergraduate engineering student is engaged in doing relevant mini project at home with the guidance of faculty/industry supervisor. The problem statements are uploaded in all laboratory course pages. The project team of the college provides complete support in execution of this method through the following Active Learning Sessions (ALS) under PBL:
1) Mini projects
2) Software Simulation of Conventional lab Experiments
3) Short Term Value-Added Trainings
4) Training on Problem Solving using Engineering Applications Software

Students of Management studies are engaged in Active Learning Sessions (ALS) through Projects.

Objectives of ALS

To familiarize the students with the hands-on industry issues and explore the connect with the industry and learn workplace exposure during the Pandemic period by interacting with industry executives and thereby sharpen the skills that are expected by an outgoing MBA graduate.

In this method, the students involve in reading, writing, speaking, drawing, sharing, expressing the skills, and questioning individually and in groups. Also, they try to understand the workplace etiquette, discipline, issues, and challenges. In the entire episode, students are the front movers, and all others are facilitators to a greater extent. It is indeed an industry project work in design offering a workable solution to the issues identified.

Outcome expected out from such immersion exercise (ALS)

1)  Enhancing love and passion for the subject
2)  Updating awareness about Industry and its landscape
3)  Business Problem identification skills
4)  Interpersonal skills
5)  Communication skills
6)  Research skill that includes data collection, tools and techniques of analysis and interpretation and presentation