Green Club

Green Club of Amrita College of Engineering and Technology is established in the year 2020. The vision of the Green Club under Department of Civil Engineering, Amrita College of Engineering and Technology is to enable “Sustainable built environment for all.” Members of green club actively participate in various institutional activities to learn to keep the campus clean and green and creating environmental awareness amongst the students. The club also encourages ‘Green Initiatives’ by educating the entire college about pollution and environmental hazards through human activities and measures to minimize it. Segregation and measurement of different types of solid waste generated on campus and use of in-house facilities by the institute to dispose-off the solid waste.

  • Waste/sewage/effluent disposal system practiced in the Institution.
  • Training and supporting Sweeping/Cleaning staff of the institution.
  • Verification of Emission certificates for the vehicles to be parked within the premises to reduce the air pollution and to bring awareness amongst the students.
  • Arranging for expert talk to emphasize and encourage the need to go green for a healthier and better world with the concept “Live and Let Live.”