NewGen- “Program Your Idea” Competition | AURORA 2021

10:00 – 11:00 AM
Event Description
"Program your Idea" is an opportunity for students to apply their innovative thinking skills and to create a variety of applications including, but not limited to, educational games, healthcare, cybersecurity, science, mobile apps, mobile and web-based tools, etc.
To enable designing and implementing innovative computer applications focusing on topics such as Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology, Arts, etc.
Theme: “Embracing the Change and Transformation”
Innovative Ideas may be from the following areas (but not limited to these areas):
1)      Agriculture and Rural Development
2)      Clean Water
3)      Robotics and Drones
4)      Healthcare and Biomedical devices
5)      Renewable Energy
6)      Security and Surveillance
7)      Smart Communication
8)      Smart Vehicles
9)      Waste Management
10)    Food Processing
Guidelines for Author(s):
1)     Registration via Google Form on or before 20.04.2021.
2)     The presentation of the innovative idea to be submitted during Registration.
3)     Submitted Presentation will be reviewed by the Technical Committee and authors of the shortlisted innovative ideas will 25.04.2021.
4)     Author(s) of the Qualified presentation will be invited for online presentation on the day of event for the final round.
Individuals or a team (made up of 2-3 students) can register for this event. Submissions for this category may use any of the coding languages such as Java, C++, Python, HTML and Visual Basic or platforms such as mobile apps, desktop programs, web-based, hardware-based, robot, flash and multimedia applications.
Technical Committee
1)     Ms. Saravana Priya S, Third Year CSE, Amrita College of Engineering and Technology.
2)    Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi P. N, Third Year CSE, Amrita College of Engineering and Technology.
Prize Details:
1st Prize         =        Rs. 1500
2nd Prize        =        Rs. 1000
3rd Prize         =        Rs. 500
Assessment Rules (for juries)- The ideas presented will be evaluated based on the following criteria:
  • Novelty of the idea
  • Clarity of the idea
  • Feasibility & Practicability
  • Societal Impact scale
  • Presentation in prescribed format
Faculty In-charge: Mrs. V Thanammal Indu, AP/CSE, Amrita College of Engineering and Technology
For further queries contact us via email: