INGENUIM – Project Competition & Technical Quiz

Project Presentation

Project presentation participants can submit a video with poster/project model of their project. Candidates need to record a short video presentation of their projects in MP4 or AVI format and submit before the due date. The max length of time for videos is 5 minutes and the size limit for video files is 1GB or less.


Technical Quiz is open to all undergraduate engineering students with a batch size of 2 (maximum). Participants are requested to read the following quiz guidelines:

  1. Technical quiz will have MCQs - online mode.
  2. Quiz will be conducted in two stages. First stage is a preliminary level Quiz with 30 MCQs based on basic electronics engineering and time limit 30 minutes. The second stage is an advanced stage with 15 MCQs based on Advanced Technologies and their applications and the time limit 15 minutes.
  3. Quiz will be conducted using Moodle Chat option. Decision of the judges based on the time of replying with correct option is final.
  4. Winner will be provided with Excellence Award Certificate.