Student registration for NAD ID to get online access to Academic Certificates

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India has initiated the National Academic Depository (NAD). The objective of the NAD is to ensure that the academic awards are stored permanently in a secured digital depository as well as to make the same available online to all stakeholders such as Pass-out students, Academic Institutions enrolling pass-out students for higher studies, Employers, and Verifying Agencies, on 24x7 basis. Henceforth, Anna University shall upload/lodge our digitally signed academic awards (Original/Provisional Pass Certificates, Original Grade Cards etc.)

To facilitate the process, Anna University has signed an agreement with NSDL (National Security Depository Ltd.) to upload academic records of students studied in the University Departments, Autonomous and non-autonomous affiliating Institutions in the National Academic Depository (NAD) web-portal. Thus far, Anna University has uploaded in NAD web-portal the degree certificates awarded from the year 2012.

Now, to obtain your authenticated/duplicate copies of Original/Provisional Pass Certificates and Original Transcripts directly from the Government of India approved NAD portal, you have to do the following:

Open the NAD portal using the following link:

  1.  Aadhaar Based Registration: This is a simple and quick process. Student can download his / her Aadhaar record from UIDAI and use the same to register on NAD. NAD ID is issued immediately.
  2. Without Aadhaar Registration: This requires the student to declare all the details on the NAD portal. Acknowledgement Number is generated. Academic Institution can review and approve these details. After the Academic institution approves the registration, NAD ID is issued.

All B.E/M.E/MBA students are required to submit their NAD (National Academic Depository) ID to college Examination Cell for updating student degree data as per the instructions received from the Anna University, Chennai. Students are required to follow the steps provided below for successful registration at NAD portal:


For any clarification, students will be required to contact Examination Cell on mobile no. 93448 84560.