Other facilities in Ladies hostel

Concerning the proper sanitary napkin disposal, “MantraTM” Manual Napkin Incinerator Machine is used in the hostel to maintain the sanitation of the hostel which is a product from "M.M.A Technologies", a producer and Supplier of Sanitary Napkin Destroyers. Everywhere throughout the world, the disposal of the utilized sanitary napkins has been an extremely normal issue. Particularly in India the utilized napkins are tossed to lavatory dustbins as it prompts humiliating visuals and smells and the utilized napkins are flushed into the drain. Both the above strategies for disposing sanitary napkins make issues. The flushing in drain comes about clogging in drain. The drainage line chock-ups or plumbing line blocking problems happens and tossing in dustbins comes about health-related problems because of perilous substance in the utilized sanitary napkins.