Hostel Admission

(a) Admission and Room Allotment

Students who seek admission in the hostels should apply at least ten days before commencement of classes every academic year by submitting duly filled-in a Hostel Registration Form as well as by online application through the link

A batch-wise list of students enrolled in the different courses will be sent from the respective colleges to the wardens. This process will be repeated every semester after enrolment. Students lacking in attendance will not be enrolled in the subsequent semester and he/she shall have to vacate the hostel.

Parents/guardians must meet the wardens in person for effecting changes to information given in the Hostel Registrati1on Form.

(b) Check-in

The hostel warden will inspect your room and make allocations prior to your arrival.

(c) Room Changes

Room allotments are normally valid for an entire academic year.

Students must occupy only rooms allotted to them.

Hostel inmates shall not shift/move to another room without the written permission of the warden. Those desirous of room change may request their Warden, explaining the reason for the change. Approval for room changes is at the sole discretion of the Warden.

The Warden reserves the right to change/cancel room allotments in the larger interest of health, security, discipline, educational environment and general welfare as he/she may deem fit.

(d) Taking care of your room

If you choose to personalize your room, we request that you do so without damaging the physical structure or paint in the room. If you wish to hang items around your room, you may do so safely without damaging wall surfaces or the ceiling. No structural changes may be made in the room (i.e., nailing on walls or removing existing built-in equipment).

No furniture may be removed from your room. Removal of furniture or furnishings may invite disciplinary action. All furniture must be returned to the authorities in proper condition when vacating the hostels.

Any damage to hostel property including driving of nails and defacing walls, fixtures or furniture will be made good by recovering the cost of repair of damage from the individual concerned. In cases where responsibility for such acts cannot be defined, a common fine will be imposed on all the residents.

(e) Room repairs

The Warden at each hostel will assist you if your room requires repairs. The services of maintenance staff can be availed only if a work order is initiated. Therefore, please report necessary repairs immediately to your Warden so that potential problems do not become worse.