Professional Development Cell-PDC

Professional development Cell was established in the year 2018 to oversee the planning and conduct of cocurricular activities in the college focusing on continued training and education of students and faculty to keep them up to date on current trends as well as help to develop new skills for the purpose of advancement in the chosen field of study.

Objectives of PDC-Amrita College of Engineering and Technology

  • To encourage, guide and facilitate students to earn certification through training offered by the various professional Institutions like IBM, Microsoft, Adobe, Cisco, Citrix, VMware, Sun Java, Oracle, Solaris, Salesforce, AWS, Linux, SAP, etc. or any such programme.
  • To associate with the professional associations like ASSOCHAM, CSI, GBC, IAENG, IE, IEEE, IET, IETE, ICT Academy, ISTE, ISOI, ISOC, ISIE, NASSCOM, CII, etc. and sign MoU with the objective of initiating students’ professional life.
  • To arrange domain specific technical skill development training and foreign language training programmes to the students to improve their professional standards and acquire required proficiency through certification exams.
  • To approach and arrange to sign tie-up/MOU with the relevant organization as per the need analysis and effectively implement the agreement.
  • To monitor and control effective conduct of the professional development programmes and ensuring regular attendance, active participation, and involvement of students through faculty.
  • To carry out feedback analysis after conclusion of every programme and taking corrective measures for future improvement by the faculty with commitment and dedication.

Benefits to the Students

Benefits of becoming a member of the Professional Bodies include Recognition as a qualified professional in the field, Continuous professional development, Leadership development, Networking with Professionals and Opportunities for recruitment, consultancies, professional development and so on.