Faculty Development Cell | Amrita College of Engineering and Technology

The Amrita College of Engineering and Technology is proud of our commitment to recruit, upgrade and retain outstanding and diverse faculty.  The college has, in the past two years, hired a record number of experienced faculty members with PhD qualification. The college has established a Faculty Development Cell (FDC) which encourages staff to develop their capabilities through a broad range of activities. FDC is committed to equip faculty members with the necessary tools and skills to provide the best teaching experiences for the faculty members to enhance the learning environment to make it more engaging for the students.

Some of the activities of  FDC-ACET include:

Conducting Faculty Training and Development Programmes supported by Anna University, Chennai for the benefit of colleges in the state of Tamilnadu affiliated to Anna University

Motivating, supporting members of faculty to enroll in all the relevant NPTEL courses and provide learning support to successfully complete the courses

Induction programme for the newly appointed teachers

The Faculty Mentoring Program, which aids faculty in setting up an internal and external team of mentors to guide their thinking on their careers.