General Discipline

  1. Students should be respectful, courteous and shall always use appropriate language and etiquette .

  2. Students should compulsorily wear their identity cards. Students may be required to surrender them on demand by authorities. Students not wearing ID cards will be given a warning the first time. Repeat offenders are liable for a fine of Rs 100.

  3. The working hours of the college are between 9:10 am and 4:40 pm. Students should not remain in their hostel rooms during class hours and during central events in the campus except on permitted medical reasons.

  4. Students should arrive in time to their colleges and refrain from leaving early unless granted prior permission.

  5. Students who wish to stay back in the hostel on working days for whatever reason should take prior permission from the Warden. If he/she decides to leave the hostel later on, to either the college or elsewhere, they should inform the Warden of the same.

  6. Any student who wishes to leave the college premises (to go back to the hostel or elsewhere) during working hours should obtain an approval letter from the Counsellor/HOD/Principal.

  7. Students who return to the hostel before the usual timings shall submit a permission letter signed by the Counsellor, get it countersigned by the Warden, and return it to the Counsellor.

  8. During regular working days students should report back to the hostels by 6:00 pm.

  9. Only those students who have proper authorization from concerned authorities will be allowed to stay beyond 6:00 pm.

  10. Wardens will take attendance at 6:30 pm every day and ensure that the inmates have reached the hostels.

  11. Proxy attendance is not allowed. All students have to report for attendance.

  12. After prayer and dinner, all the wardens will take a second round of attendance to ensure that the students are back in their rooms at 9:00 pm.

  13. Students going home should obtain permission and approval from their respective wardens.

  14. The wardens of girls’ hostels would call the parents/guardians of the student to inform them of their ward leaving the hostel.

  15. Students returning from home after weekend visits should be back no later than 6:30 pm (for girls) and 9:30 pm (for boys) – if they are returning in the evening. Otherwise, they must be accompanied by their parents/guardians.

  16. Upon returning after leave, students should report to the Warden. Students should also report to the college administrative office upon coming back.

  17. Additionally, girl students should produce a letter signed by their parents that indicates the date and duration of their stay at home.

  18. Students desirous of going out of the campus on holidays/Sundays must get an Out Pass signed by their Warden by stating the purpose, and departure and expected arrival times.

  19. Students can cancel leave availed and return to the hostel. However, they should inform the warden about their arrival immediately on arrival in hostels.

  20. Students shall inform the administrative office and the Warden over telephone or in writing for any extension of leave.

  21. Students are not permitted to use any motor vehicle on campus. They may, however, use bicycles. The safety and parking of the bicycle is solely the owner’s responsibility.

  22. No circular or subscription list shall be taken around except with the permission of the Warden.

  23. Students should refrain from any activity that is likely to infringe on the privacy of others or interfere with their studies.

  24. Students shall treat the hostel and mess staff politely. They should not demand any special service from them.

  25. Wardens may inspect/enter any room to satisfy themselves that the students maintain high standards of self-discipline and to counsel them as and when needed.

  26. Day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostels without prior permission of the respective Warden.

  27. Hostel is an integral part of the institution. Any act of indiscipline in the hotel can invite punishment from the college.