Energy & Cleanliness

  1. Energy Conservation
    1. Conservation of energy and resources is a major concern of the hostel system.
    2. Use lights only when needed. Turn off electrical equipment when not in use.
    3. Report any problem with electrical equipment to the hostel office.
    4. Use water only as necessary. Completely turn off all water taps when not in use.
  2. Cleanliness
    1. You and your roommate(s) are responsible for the care and cleaning of your room. Rooms must be kept clean and tidy for health and safety reasons; you have to buy your own cleaning equipment for your use.
    2. Residents shall cooperate in maintaining common areas and premises clean.
    3. Deposit all waste/rubbish in the waste bins provided. Keep soiled linen out of sight.
    4. Discarded rags, papers must not be thrown about in the rooms, terrace or premises.
    5. You are advised not to leave any item like paper, soap cover, etc, in bathrooms. Use the dustbins provided.
    6. Empty trash into recycling bins located on the ground floor.