Amrita Institutions provide residential facilities for both girls and boys studying in the following colleges housed in its Erachakulam campus.

  1. Amrita College of Engineering and Technology
  2. Amrita Polytechnic College
  3. Sun College of Education

The hostels are under the control of the Council of the Chief Warden. The Principals of the respective colleges are the Chief Wardens, who take care of the welfare of their wards. The Chief warden is ably assisted by Wardens and Assistant Wardens in the smooth running of the hostels. The routine at the hostels include yoga, bhajan, sports, and games.

Our hostels are a home away from home, abundantly providing the homely ambience that their inmates long for. Besides offering a safe and serene atmosphere for studies, the hostels are also places where students socialize with their peers. Hostel life gives them a new outlook to life, and moulds them into responsible and cultured citizens. Hostel inmates have ample access to indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The inmates are required to adhere to a set of rules designed for the maintenance of discipline in the premises.