Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering is one of the most desirable branches by most of the students. The pivotal driving force for the present-day Information Technology revolution is the development of Electronics and Communication Engineering. The advancements in Microelectronics, Satellite, Optical Fibre Technology, Analog and Digital in Communication Techniques have resulted in developing multiplex electronic devices, circuits and equipment are capable of implementing fast and efficient telecommunication systems. Real-time transfer of audio and video signals in high speed is now possible with recent advancements in broadband technologies. Penetration of electronics has now revolutionized other areas like Health Care, Instrumentation, Automation, Remote Sensing, Signal Processing etc.

   Electronics and Communication Engineering students can develop their career in industries like Consumer Electronics Manufacturing, Telecommunication, Information and Communication Technology Industries, Design and Manufacturing of Health Care Equipment’s, Mobile Communication (2G,3G,4G,5G), Internet Technologies, Internet Of Things, VLSI Industries and other Industries Like Steel, Petroleum and Chemical Industry.

   Electronics students with skills in robotics, automation technologies, renewable energies, Internet of Things (IoT) concepts add more value to the students for getting placed in high salary jobs.