Maths Circle

Amrita Math Circle is a group of motivated students led by Mathematics Faculty who get together each week for having fun with mathematics and to learn mathematics beyond curriculum.


1.  To explore mathematics beyond textbook and apply it in day-to-day situations.

2.  To conduct periodic meetings which give opportunities for the students to solve 

      challenging problems, puzzles and riddles.

3.  To encourage the students to be more active by organising model making contests.

4.  To provide opportunities for all mathematical software learning to the students.

Event 01: Amrita Mathematics Circle (AMC) Inauguration, 30 July 2019

The AMC was inaugurated on 30.07.2019 (12 P.M.) at the Board Room, Administrative Block with the prayer song presented by the student members of AMC.  27 student members of AMC participated in the meeting.  Dr. K. Raja Chandrasekar, AP(SG), Coordinator of AMC, welcomed the gathering.  He emphasized the importance of Mathematics among all Sciences.  Dr. R. K. Suresh, Campus Director, delivered the presidential address and highlighted the significance of Vedic Mathematics. Dr. B. Rajendran, Visiting Professor of Mathematics spoke on having fun with mathematics. Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Ms. Meera Parthavi Marimuthu, Second Year BE (Computer Science and Engineering) student.

Event 02: AMC workshop meeting on “Solving challenging mathematical problems, puzzles and riddles.”

Resource Person: Dr. K. Raja Chandrasekar, AP(SG)(Mathematics) and Coordinator of AMC.

Date & Time: 09-08-2019, 5:00 P.M. to 6:00P.M.

Event 03: AMC workshop meeting on “Mathematics and its Applications in the real life”

Resource Persons (Students): S.L. Akash (II Mech),  Karthick (II ECE), Vijayalakshmi (II CSE-B) and Saravanapriya (II CSE-B)

Date & Time: 14-08-2019 (Wednesday), 5:00 P.M. to 6:00P.M.

Event 04: AMC workshop meeting on “Some puzzles in Mathematics”

Resource Person (Faculty): M. Ganesh Kumar, AP / Maths

Resource Persons (Students): Vijayalakshmi (II CSE-B), & Sreenithi (II CSE-B)

Date & Time: 28-08-2019 (Wednesday), 5:00 P.M. to 6:00P.M.

Event 05: AMC workshop meeting on “Some open problems on Mathematics”

Resource Person (Faculty): Dr. K. Raja Chandrasekar, AP(SG) (Mathematics)

Resource Persons (Students): Mr. Akash (II Mech) & Ms. Saravanapriya (II CSE)


Date & Time: 06-09-2019 (Friday), 5:00 P.M. to 6:00P.M.

Event 06: AMC workshop meeting on “The Hundred Fowls Puzzle”, and “the Monkey and Coconuts Puzzle”

Resource Person (Faculty): Dr. K. Raja Chandrasekar, AP(SG) (Mathematics)

Date & Time: 23-09-2019 (Monday), 5:00 P.M. to 6:00P.M.

Executive Committee Members

S No Designation Faculty Name Email ID
1  Faculty Coordinator  Dr. K. Raja Chandrasekar, AP (Senior Grade) / Maths
2  Faculty Member  Dr S Saravanan, AP/ Maths
3  Faculty Member  Mr. M. ​Ganesh Kumar, AP/ Maths
4  Faculty Advisor  Dr B. Rajendran, Visiting Professor
5  Student Coordinator  S. L. Akash (II Mech) -
6  Student Coordinator  S. Sreenithi (II CSE –B) -
7  Student Coordinator  Karthick (II ECE) -


S No  Name of the Student Year, Branch, Section
1  Meera Parthavi Marimuthu  II CSE–A
2  Pavithra Kaveri  II CSE–A
3  R.S. Reshma  II CSE–A
4  J.V. Jothika  II CSE–A
5  Nivesh  II CSE–A
6  Anuja  II CSE–A
7  K. Vasantha Kumaran  II CSE–B
8  K. Yuges Raj  II CSE–B
9  P. N. Vijaya Lakshmi  II CSE–B
10  M.S. Preetha  II CSE–B
11  Anno Marivasuki Einsty  II CSE–B
12  Saravanapriya  II CSE–B
13  Akshaya  II ECE
14  AbiramiV  II ECE
15  Veena  II ECE
16  Karan  II ECE
17  Gurudeep  II ECE
18  Balaswetha  II ECE
19  T.S. Nivedh  II ECE
20  N. Navin  II Mech
21  Prakash Kumar  II Mech
22  G Pooja  II EEE
23  P Shanmugapriya  II EEE
24  A S Sruthi  II Civil
25  R S Niranjana  II Civil