Campus and its Location


     The lush green campus of Amrita Institutions Nagercoil is situated in Amritagiri which sprawls along the laps of the eastern valley of Velimalai,  which is the abode of Goddess Valli the tribal consort of God Subramanya.  Ten kilometers to the north is Mahendragiri from where the mighty Sri Hanuman jumped over to Sri Lanka in search of Mother Sita.  Five kilometers to the east of the campus is Thadakamala which looks like a demonic gigantic woman lying on her back.  As per the lore, Lord Rama killed Thadaka here, and subsequently the hill has been called as Thadakamala.  Twenty kilometers south is Kanyakumari, where Goddess Bhagavathi is on Tapas. Seven kilometers from our campus towards Kanyakumari is Suchindram the religious headquarters of Kanyakumari District where there is a gigantic temple for Sri Sthanumalaya who is Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma rolled in one, symbolically saying many is actually one.  One of the tallest idols for Sri Hanuman is also in this temple.  Three kilometers from Suchindrum is the famous Maruthuvazhmalai which is believed to be a spill of Sanjeev Parvatha of Himalayas from the hands of Sri Hanuman.  Many spiritual gurus got enlightment here. The tiny Kanyakumari district which houses Amritagiri is known for majestic hills, pristine rivers, virgin beaches and meandering rivulets.  The district is historically, spiritually and culturally famous.  The picturesque campus spreads over an area of nearly 100 acres.  Anandan Channel winds around the campus and looks like a watery necklace to the campus. 


     Amritagiri has a sprawling 100-acre lust green campus, state-of-the-art infrastructures computerized facilities, well-equipped library, internet – connectivity, hostels, mess, lecture halls, seminar rooms, open-air auditorium, transport facilities, a dispensary and other auxiliary facilities. The campus also has a canteen and facilities for games and sports.

     Amritagiri is situated about 5 kilometers north of Nagercoil, the headquarter of Kanyakumari District.  Our campus is 20 kilometers north of Kanyakumari where the land begins. Nagercoil Railway station is 7 km from the campus.  This campus is well connected by rail and road.  Thiruvananthapuram the capital of Kerala is 75 kilometers from the campus.