Physical Science Lab
The college has well equipped Physical Science laboratory .Various specimens related to Physical Science is preserved .

Biological Science Lab
The college has well equipped Biological Science laboratory .Various specimens related to Biological Science is preserved .

Psychology lab
The psychology lab is equipped with various psychological apparatus to perform various test such as Intelligence Test, Aptitude test, Attitude test, Personality inventories, Adjustment Inventories, Interest Inventories .Regular and systematic periods are allotted for psychology experiments.

Language Lab
Language lab creates a learning environment much more effective than traditional classrooms enhancing the capabilities of student teachers and allowing a high degree of immersion and attention to satisfy their diverse needs. It also favours skill development, team and collaborative work by enhancing their self confidence.

Computer Lab
Students can use the computer lab during the prescribed hours and during leisure time. 10 systems with internet facility is available.


The college library has been designed with the intention of supporting the student teachers. The library is fully equipped with various books relevant to Teaching learning methodology.

There are about    books in various subjects
The College has a well established library which caters to the need of the students, research scholars and the faculty. Acquisition of knowledge depends mostly on reading; by the presence of spacious library our student teachers are motivated for extra reading, which inturn develop their skill.

With the help of library, the teaching faculties and the students created the habit of reading and they furnish thirst for more and more knowledge. Our library helps in the advancement of learning and expansion of knowledge. The library functions on an open access system for the faculty members and for the students. This collection is expanded and updated each year.
As a reward and to motivate our student teachers every year best library user of the college is being awarded.

Number of Books







Separate hostel for boys and girls are available within the campus with well furnished rooms and other facilities.